Revolution Motors, born from a company 40 years in business, has the experience of restoring and working on hundreds of vintage cars.  Now, at our 35,000sq ft facility, and together with our staff offering hundreds of years of combined automotive experience, we are bringing together the old with the new to realize a vision that is the best of both.


Our goal is to build a dream car that you can drive daily.

Modern vehicles leave you wanting something more, something special.  Vehicles of yesteryear have a style and presence unmatched in today’s offerings.  Why drive a new luxury vehicle when you have at your disposal all of the mystery and mystique of 100 years of style, when you have the option of a vehicle that offers the power and technology and comforts of a modern vehicle but packaged as one of the most stylish vehicles in history?

A Revolution Motors vehicle can simply be a weekend toy, but life is too short, why not drive it every day?  A beautiful, bold statement that you take with you wherever you go.  A statement of a life lived to the fullest.  A statement that you make your own rules, set your own course, choose your own roads.

Fortune favors the bold.