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C1 Corvette

Restomod Details:

For good reason, the C1 Corvette is the most popular restomod. It’s the perfect combination of form and function. And with GM’s LS line of crate engines, the only question becomes “How much horsepower?"

56-57 C1 Corvette

Restomod Details:

America’s sports car. The subject of countless boyhood dreams. Let us make your dream a reality.

1967 Ford Mustang

Restomod Details:

One of the most beloved muscle cars, let us build you a fire breathing beast of a pony car unlike any other on the road.

C2 Corvette

Restomod Details:

Imagine the Stingray of your dreams sitting in your driveway. With a swipe on your phone it roars to life...

1968 Chevrolet Camaro

Restomod Details:

Nothing compares to the sharp lines of the first-generation Camaro... But compromising on modern amenities? Let us take that out of the equation.

190sl Mercedes

Key Features:

  • High performance custom frame
  • High performance GM LS or LT Drivetrain
  • Wilwood 4 or 6 piston brakes
  • Completely Customizable

Mercedes 300sl

Restomod Details:

One of the most beautiful and iconic vehicles ever produced, the Mercedes Benz 300sl Gullwing. Need we say anything more?

356 Porsche

Restomod Details:

Driven by iconic owners such as Steve McQueen and Janis Joplin the 356 speedster needs no introduction. Join the club of speedster owners and make yours one of a kind.

XK120 Jaguar

Restomod Details:

The ultimate in British sophistication the XK120 Jaguar will make your presence known everywhere you go.

First Generation Bronco

Restomod Details:

Nothing begs for adventure more than a dirt road and the top down on a first gen Bronco.

1932 Ford Roadster

Restomod Details:

The three-window 1932 Ford coupe is the definition of a Hot Rod but could it be more than that? Let us make it your definition of freedom.

1967 Lincoln Continental

Restomod Details:

With its suicide doors, this generation of Lincoln Continental is the ultimate in style. Everywhere you go becomes a red carpet premier.

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